2019 No More Excuses Corporate Fast


Let this be the year that you stop making excuses. Be Radical and do something for God! Here are three things that leave all of us without excuses.

  1. Overcome Restrictions –  Overcome any restrictions, limitations, and obstacles that are placed in your way. The greater the opportunity the greater the obstacles know how to overcome the obstacle and seize the opportunity.

  2. Be Radical – Do something for God.  You can blend in with the crowd or you can stand out and seize the opportunity.  What will make you stand-out in the eyes of God? Increasing your praise, service, desire to seek his will for your life?

  3. Follow Jesus – What are you willing to turn away from in order to truly follow Jesus and make 2019 the best year ever?  

This year's corporate fast creates the space for you to identify and turn away from one thing that may be holding you back from seizing the opportunities God has for you. Check out the fast quick guide below.