Where will the you retreat be held?


11 Horseshoe Point Lane, North East, MD 21901


When will the retreat be held?
Friday May 15 - Sunday May 17,2020 . Student should arrive no earlier than 9:30

How much is the retreat for the youth? 
Retreat cost for Youth is $160 

Each additional child will have a $10 discount

Early Bird registration $120 and  $110 per additional child 

Early bird rate ends December 2019 

Will there be sibling discounts?
There will be $10 off per additional sibling after the first child in registered.

How much is the retreat for volunteers?
Retreat cost for Volunteers vary on serving department. All volunteers will need a code to register for the team they will be serving on. To retrieve the code needed for your specific area to serve contact us at Offscriptadmin@ zionchurchonline.com 

What areas are volunteers able to serve?
Operations and Logistics, Administrative Team, Connect Leads, Production and Media, Games Crew, Kitchen Crew and Security Crew. Background checks will be required to serve at the youth retreat for teams directly in contact with the youth. Background Checks are conducted by Identity Verification System located at 510 Sunnyside Ave. Beltsville Md. 20705.  Background Checks are $55.00, paid directly to Identity Verification System in the form of Cash or Card.

What goes on at a Youth Retreat?
We will teach from God's word and worship him, build loving relationships, have fun and make lasting life changing memories.

How do I register a youth and sign up to volunteer?
 All student attendees and volunteers register at Zionlandover.com/clout


Theme- What is Clout?
         clout [ klout ]  : pull, strong influence. Having power, fame, money, influence, etc. 

The enemy knows that if he can get us to add the things of the world such as possessions and popularity to the equation of our success, then we will always miscalculate    and forfeit our God-given destiny. So many of our young people are “failing behind the filter.

There is a spiritual urgency and call for the church to rise up, and remind the young world what really matters most when it’s all said and done, before it’s too late. 

Who can attend the youth retreat?
 All youth 6th-12th grade across the DMV. This retreat is not limited to Zion attendees. Invite friends, family and youth in your community. Volunteers are not limited to Zion Church. Persons with the heart to serve and for youth are welcomed

Do I get a refund?
Unfortunately not, deposits are used to offset the cost of the retreat therefore all payments are final and will not be refunded. Funds will be used towards the youth retreat. 

How do I sponsor a youth?
 All sponsorships will be taken online at Zionlandover.com/Clout

No cash accepted 

How do I request Sponsorships? 
If interest in receiving sponsorship apply at Zionlandover.com/clout

Who to contact for questions and concerns?
 Email Offscriptcoms@ zionchurchonline.com

Phone: 708.772.9009